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Where excess body weight gathers could have a major impact on the brain health of older people. File photograph: Matt Morton/PA

Where excess body weight gathers could have a major impact on the brain health of older people, with increased belly fat linked to greater cognitive i(...)

Research indicates about 60% of premature deaths can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles and are therefore preventable.

Most people would like to live long and healthy lives. We now pretty much know how this can be achieved, barring accidents, and it is very simple: ado(...)

‘One in four children on the island of Ireland are overweight or obese’. Photograph: iStock

It is estimated that more that 85,000 children will die prematurely due to of childhood obesity and overweight, new research shows. The Safefood Irel(...)

The Miele Dialog oven is programmed to understand the energy inside the food and it then “measures and controls and regulates the cooking process”, depending on what it is it is cooking, to deliver perfect food all the time.

I refuse to clap for a cooker. As the hundreds of people flown in from all over the world to this swanky art gallery in Berlin applaud a pro(...)

Katie and David Crosby at the Rock’n’Roll Dublin half-marathon last August.

David Crosby was the eldest of five children. Now aged 42, he has one sibling left. Three died from respiratory problems when they were children – two(...)

John Williams, a school principal who has tackled his problem with obesity with a three-pronged approach of diet, exercise and psychology. Photograph: Alan Betson

Ireland has one of the highest rates of obesity in Europe, with one in four adults classed as obese and one in four children already overweight. The (...)

When the case returned to court for review on Monday, Mr Justice Kelly was told there were issues with whether the HSE, which has funded some overnight stays for the parents, would continue to do so.

A judge has said he would be “horrified” if the HSE ceases to fund reasonably priced overnight stays in a UK city to facilitate involvement of the par(...)

An inspiring piece of information I came across recently is that all of the Irish rugby team are obese. From backline to forwards, though fit, fast, a(...)

While fatty livers in geese might be desirable for foie gras, they pose serious problems for humans

If you have a low alcohol intake or you don’t drink, you are guaranteed to never get cirrhosis of the liver, right? Wrong – there is an epidemic of fa(...)

Elon Musk hopes a micron-sized implant could help  stroke patients to communicate.

Back in 2015, Tim Urban, the writer behind popular blog Wait But Why, began a series of posts on Elon Musk’s companies including Tesla and SpaceX. So(...)

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