Lost Leads

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Rathfarnham, circa 1905. Photograph: National Library Ireland/Flickr Commons

In Rathfarnham, people were terrified of Peter “Garibaldi” Wade. For years, the 25-year-old had worked a day here and there in manual labour and spen(...)

Constables were sent to number 48 Cork Street to investigate the claims. Photograph: iStock

It was early in the morning when Francis McConnell arrived to door of the police station at Newmarket in Dublin city. The out-of-work builder’s assist(...)

The Mall, Waterford, in January 1901. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/Flickr Commons

Eddie was in agony, gripping the iron bars protecting the window of an old house on Yellow Road in Waterford. The nine-year-old’s sister, Mary, a chil(...)

Dancing at the Metropole in Dublin in 1968. Photograph: Kevin McMahon

“Dance halls should be closed at 11pm at latest - otherwise, they (are) a menace to morality.” Bishop Patrick McKenna of Clogher didn’t mince his word(...)

Dundalk station: Fr McKeone caught the 12pm train to Dublin in May, 1927. File photograph: James P. O’Dea/National Library of Ireland Flickr commons

After four days of endlessly dredging the old quarry at Kilcurry, Co Louth, a black bundle was spotted near the surface of the water. As dawn broke, t(...)

Prussia Street in the 1970s. Photograph: Pat Langan

The walls of the front room of number 33 Prussia Street were covered in black, fat-laden smuts. Plastic flowers on a table in the centre of the room h(...)

In 1909, Mary Walker was due back at work in the evening, but did not return from her afternoon walk. Photograph: iStock illustration

At about 3pm on a dry, blustery day in Mullingar, 32-year-old Mary Walker left her house for a walk along the canal, which she often did after dinner.(...)

Vaseline, geared towards the owners of dishwashing hands

'Tis the season to look at ads. Below is a short collection of the typical advertisements that appeared in The Irish Times during the 1950s. This was (...)

Decked out in Switzer’s best in the 1960s

Fed up looking at ads? Well here are loads more. These ads, published in The Irish Times during the 1960s, give a good feel as to how the paper looke(...)

‘Darling, you look tired,’ he said

The January sales are among us. Take a break from the barrage of advertisements flooding your newsfeeds to look at... more ads. Here's a selection of (...)

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