Lost Leads

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Xybernaut wearable computer 133P, demonstrated on April 21st, 1998; the photo was published in The Irish Times on the 27th. Photograph: AP

In April 1998, Windows 98 crashed live on stage while Bill Gates looked on. Michael Cunningham, in his last outing as editor of The Irish Times “Compu(...)

A small crowd arrived to the scene of the shooting and carried John Moylan to a nearby house. Illustration: iStock/George Cruikshank

John Moylan wasn’t long back in Ireland when he was shot dead. By the end of 1883, the Galway farmer was just settling back into life at his farm at C(...)

Dublin city traffic: The junction of Dame Street and College Green, circa 1930. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/Flickr Commons

As a military despatch rider approached the barracks in Portobello, four young men converged on the motorcyclist and covered him with revolvers. They (...)

A view of the Rotunda Round Room from O’Connell Street (formerly Sackville Street), circa 1913. Photograph:  National Library of Ireland/Flickr commons

“The unemployed in Dublin have seized the concert room at the Rotunda,” begins an Irish Times report on the morning of Thursday, January 19th, 1922, t(...)

‘Jack the Ripper’ targeted women in London’s East End. Photograph: iStock

It was early in the morning when Jack the Ripper gave himself up in Wexford. At least, that’s who he told the police he was. The man, about 25-years-(...)

The ‘swivel bridge’ (Butt Bridge) in Dublin city, near the scene of the chase, circa 1885. Photograph: National Library of Ireland Flickr Commons

The Coroner was having a tough time keeping Ellen Garvey’s testimony on track. At the opening of the inquest into Thomas Garvey’s death, he asked he(...)

People drive carts outside Meadowvale Dairy Company in Charleville, c 1910. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/Flickr commons

Annie fed the donkey while she waited for her younger sister. Bridget had left her at the north end of main street, outside Lynch’s shop, to walk back(...)

The front page of The Irish Times on November 23rd, 1963

“President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, was shot dead in Dallas, Texas, by a hidden assassin armed with a high-powere(...)

“The leader of the mob demanded a parley”. Illustration: The Irish Times

In late 1886, a series written by a Royal Irish Constabulary officer ran for a number of weeks in The Weekly Irish Times. Throughout the articles, the(...)

Mr O’Donnell had barely uttered a dozen words in Irish when he was stopped by Mr Gully, who insisted he speak English. Photograph: iStock/illustration

A Welsh MP spoke in Irish during an address in the House of Commons on Wednesday while calling on the British government to legislate for the protecti(...)

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