Lost Leads

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Belfast at about noon, June 22nd, 1921. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/Flickr Commons

“Belfast let itself go with a vengeance yesterday when it opened the heart of Ulster to receive its King and Queen.” So begins the main news report in(...)

A view of a section of page 9 of The Irish Times on August 12th, 1971

Between August 9th and August 11th, 1971, 10 civilians were shot and killed by British soldiers in the Ballymurphy area of west Belfast, in what later(...)

The first reports of the sinking of RMS Lusitania carried in The Irish Times (May 8th, 1915). Photograph: The Irish Times

The sinking of the passenger liner RMS Lusitania by a German U-boat off Ireland’s southern coast on this day in 1915 would elicit outrage and much cov(...)

Contra mundum: The Irish Times’s editorial of April 12th, 1951, on Noel Browne and the Mother and Child scheme

Seventy years ago today, on April 12th, 1951, The Irish Times published what is probably its most famous editorial. It was a response to the resignati(...)

Patrick McPhillips discovered the body of John Wright on January 23rd, 1880. Illustration: iStock

In Drumsnat, a civil parish southwest of Monaghan town, two men lived in a cottage on a farm. One, John Wright, was the stepfather of the other, Willi(...)

View of a military barracks near Birr, Co Offally, dated 1865-1914. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/Flickr Commons

In 1865, Lieutenant Clutterbuck hired a man to take him shooting on the River Brosna. He never returned to the barracks. It was a Saturday eveni(...)

A Dublin Fire Brigade engine pictured at Cork, dated December 12th or 13th, 1920. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/Flickr Commons

When the fires stopped, the people of Cork were left sifting through debris, with many left homeless, thousands jobless and all counting the cost of b(...)

A ‘temperance bar’ in Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare, circa 1900. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/ Flickr Commons

In the House of Commons, members were considering amendments to a Bill, which Irish Nationalist MP for South Louth, Joseph Nolan, condemned as “uncall(...)

The top of Page 3, The Irish Times, September 4th, 1939

On September 4th 1939, The Irish Times carried a story that had been anticipated. The news of the day dominated the top-right hand corner of page thre(...)

The visitor took a seat beside the fire at the home of Catherine and Peter Reilly in Co Cavan. Illustration: iStock

The couple didn’t recognise him at first. It was dark in the house, though not late in the evening. Catherine and Peter Reilly were sitting at the fi(...)

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