Lost Leads

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People bathe at the public baths at Dún Laoghaire, circa 1925. Photograph: Dillon Family/National Library of Ireland Flickr Commons

“May I draw attention to the urgent need for better bathing places for ladies near Dublin, and particularly at Dalkey?” Nearly 100 years has passed si(...)

November 1931: Evening dressed drinkers buying at a US bar during prohibition. Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images

“I can say honestly that in twelve days in America I saw more cases of alcoholic intoxication than I have ever seen in Ireland for three times that pe(...)

Murder weapon: In 1881, a man accused of murder in Monkstown didn’t own a razor, but preferred to go to a barber’s in Dublin. Photograph: Illustration/iStock

A labourer watched his neighbour, Fanny Collins, volley a tirade of insults through the window of her house at Monkstown Avenue, Dublin. As she stood(...)

Rathfarnham, circa 1905. Photograph: National Library Ireland/Flickr Commons

In Rathfarnham, people were terrified of Peter “Garibaldi” Wade. For years, the 25-year-old had worked a day here and there in manual labour and spen(...)

Constables were sent to number 48 Cork Street to investigate the claims. Photograph: iStock

It was early in the morning when Francis McConnell arrived to door of the police station at Newmarket in Dublin city. The out-of-work builder’s assist(...)

The Mall, Waterford, in January 1901. Photograph: National Library of Ireland/Flickr Commons

Eddie was in agony, gripping the iron bars protecting the window of an old house on Yellow Road in Waterford. The nine-year-old’s sister, Mary, a chil(...)

Dancing at the Metropole in Dublin in 1968. Photograph: Kevin McMahon

“Dance halls should be closed at 11pm at latest - otherwise, they (are) a menace to morality.” Bishop Patrick McKenna of Clogher didn’t mince his word(...)

Dundalk station: Fr McKeone caught the 12pm train to Dublin in May, 1927. File photograph: James P. O’Dea/National Library of Ireland Flickr commons

After four days of endlessly dredging the old quarry at Kilcurry, Co Louth, a black bundle was spotted near the surface of the water. As dawn broke, t(...)

Prussia Street in the 1970s. Photograph: Pat Langan

The walls of the front room of number 33 Prussia Street were covered in black, fat-laden smuts. Plastic flowers on a table in the centre of the room h(...)

In 1909, Mary Walker was due back at work in the evening, but did not return from her afternoon walk. Photograph: iStock illustration

At about 3pm on a dry, blustery day in Mullingar, 32-year-old Mary Walker left her house for a walk along the canal, which she often did after dinner.(...)

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