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New border of grasses, perennials and tender plants at Airfield Gardens, Dundrum

When you run your hands through the grasses in a meadow you can feel, see and smell the different species. Sweet vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum) (...)

Movers and shakers: some of the people to Watch in 2020

The hottest young talent set to make waves in the worlds of politics, fashion, food, sport, activism, art, film and TV, sustainability, entrepreneu(...)

The European holly (ilex aquifolium) is one of the 6 per cent of flowering plants that are dioecious and have male and female functions in separate individuals. Photograph: Getty Images/iStock

You find out the hard way that buying a holly sapling for your garden is a game of Christmas Russian roulette. There is a 50 per cent chance of gettin(...)

St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Charles Darwin was obsessed with pigeons. To be fair, he was also obsessed with barnacles, earthworms and plants that move and climb about. But pigeon(...)

‘If we do not protect and restore biodiversity we will fail to meet our climate goals,’ Prof Buckley has said. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Protecting biodiversity and deploying nature-based solutions could help achieve global and national carbon emissions reduction targets, and “keep our (...)

Next time you’re out in the woods admire the complex chemistry that trees employ to maintain themselves over decades of stress and attack. Photograph:  Eric Luke

This year more than ever there is a sense that we are facing into a long and bleak winter. Before we get there though nature has a treat in store – th(...)

Chitosan, used in organic agriculture where it stimulates plants to mount defences against fungal infections, is also used in winemaking  and has potential as an additive to vaccines to make them more effective.

The planet’s stocks of biodiversity, the mind-boggling variety of animal and plant life in the world, is like a huge vault or library of new potential(...)

The Dublin Mountains Makeover, which is being undertaken by Coillte Nature, specifically targets forests close to the densest population centre in Ireland. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Restoration – the word brings to mind glossy dark-wood furniture or big old Georgian manor houses. The antique chair may no longer perform the functio(...)

Green roofs and walls provide our urban spaces with clean air, insulation, flood protection and resources for pollinators

The warm days of summer, when we have them, are filled with the sounds of bees humming away in flowering bushes and the sweet smell of meadow grass. F(...)

Finding green spaces within a 2km radius can be a  greater challenge for urban dwellers. Photograph:  Bryan O’Brien

Prior to the Covid-19 restrictions we were free to roam at will, and could find walking, running or cycling routes as far away as our resources, trans(...)

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