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Bee orchid on the Bull Island: shows that Irish orchids can be as beautiful, fascinating, and downright bizarre as their tropical counterparts. Photograph: Paddy Woodworth

There is no better place in the virtual world at this time of year than orchid social media. #Wildflowerhour on twitter on a Sunday evening is full of(...)

Fungal pseudoflowers: Two “blooms” on the right are fungal mimics of flowers produced by yellow-eyed grasses, such as the one on the left. Photograph: K Wurdack Smithsonian Institution

You know a scientific concept has entered the mainstream when an haute couture fashion collection is designed around it. Iris van Herpen’s Roots of Re(...)

Blue tits rely on a steady supply of caterpillars on which to feed their young chicks in spring, and this requires co-ordinated timing. Photograph: iStock

For nature, timing is everything. The return of swallows and cuckoos marks the start of summer. These charismatic African migrants get all the attenti(...)

A bumblebee zones in on a foxglove blossom in Wicklow. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Walking in the South or Central American mountains, you might find an unexpected immigrant among the otherwise unfamiliar plants, the spectacular but (...)

Flying dinosaur: great tit

One year on from the start of the pandemic, we remember how the hum and roar of our morning lives were replaced by a symphony of bird sounds. These ch(...)

The delicate pale yellow cowslip (Primula veris) is a spring flower that thrives in natural and semi-natural grassland. Photograph: iStock

Ecosystems, just like people, can vary in their health status. A healthy ecosystem hums with activity, the physical and biological components work tog(...)

The curlew, an endangered species in Ireland.

Ireland continues to experience accelerating biodiversity loss, with a third of wild bee species threatened with extinction while two-thirds of wild (...)

New border of grasses, perennials and tender plants at Airfield Gardens, Dundrum

When you run your hands through the grasses in a meadow you can feel, see and smell the different species. Sweet vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum) (...)

Movers and shakers: some of the people to Watch in 2020

The hottest young talent set to make waves in the worlds of politics, fashion, food, sport, activism, art, film and TV, sustainability, entrepreneur(...)

The European holly (ilex aquifolium) is one of the 6 per cent of flowering plants that are dioecious and have male and female functions in separate individuals. Photograph: Getty Images/iStock

You find out the hard way that buying a holly sapling for your garden is a game of Christmas Russian roulette. There is a 50 per cent chance of gettin(...)

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