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You just carry on doing what you love, don’t you? Decades pass, and unless life has beaten you into submission, you dip into what carries you along. H(...)

If you want a soundtrack to how Britain fell part, listen to Sleaford Mods. The second decade of the century was a momentous one for the UK. In 2011,(...)

All Together Now headliner  Iggy Pop: the septuagenarian  is making a living as the Andre Rieu of the moshpit generation. Photograph: Bjorn Tagemose

Sorry to disturb your Saturday morning nap, but has it ever occurred to you that we live in an age of stagnation, entropy and inevitable decline? Amer(...)

Director Richard Stanley: ‘The word unfilmable is like a red rag to a bull for me.’ Photograph: RLJE Films

Richard Stanley is giving a brief and thrillingly anti-colonial history account of his ancestor Sir Henry Morton Stanley – as in “Dr Livingstone, I pr(...)

Lauryn Hill will perform at summer festival All Together Now. File photograph: Chris Lopez/Sony Music Archive/Getty Images

All Together Now festival has revealed its full line-up for the three days over the August bank holiday weekend in Co Waterford. It was announced la(...)

Academic cheating using paid-for essays ‘poses threat to integrity of third level’: Academic cheating using online “essay mills” is posing a significa(...)

All Together Now 2020: Iggy Pop will play in front of up to 20,000 people over the August bank-holiday weekend. Photograph: Rich Fury/Getty

Iggy Pop is to headline next year’s All Together Now, festival organisers have announced. The godfather of punk, who with The Stooges influenced a ge(...)

Debbie Harry on her memoir: ‘I should put a disclaimer on the cover.’ Photograph: Celeste Sloman/New York Times

For decades, Debbie Harry has been saving her fan art, hundreds of versions of that familiar siren face, rendered by admirers of all talents. There ar(...)

Those expecting a rapid-fire dose of garage/rock from Iggy Pop, one of the genre’s primary instigators, might be surprised (or disappointed) with(...)

Iggy Pop stars as Male Coffee Zombie in  Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die. Photograph: Frederick Elmes / Focus Features © 2019 Image Eleven Productions, Inc

 The early trailers for Jim Jarmusch’s latest movie suggested the distributors were a bit nervous about the content. Edited with zany fury, the p(...)

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