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The celebrities get ready for an early bath in Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals. Photograph: RTÉ

A few weeks ago, when writing about Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS, I suggested that United Kingdom’s new foreign policy under Boris Johnson was to fire th(...)

The Late Debate: host Katie Hannon. Photograph: RTÉ

The people phoning into Liveline (RTÉ Radio 1, weekdays) sound hacked off, and no wonder. With faceless forces in foreign states disrupting plans and (...)

After making the most showbiz entrance possible by arriving at a gig in an ambulance, the comedian Dermot Whelan decided it was time to slow d(...)

‘The grind of the past  12 months may have affected Ryan Tubridy’s idea of what constitutes entertainment.’ Photograph: RTÉ

While there have been several landmark anniversaries for the pandemic in recent weeks – on Liveline late last month, Joe Duffy noted it had been a yea(...)

It comes as a bit of shock when Dermot Whelan extols the virtues of meditation to Newstalk host Andrea Gilligan

As one half of  Today FM's japester duo Dermot and Dave, Dermot Whelan has forged a formidable reputation for not sweating the big stuff. Along w(...)

 Dermot Whelan (67) of The Crescent, Belgard Heights, Tallaght, Dublin 24, was jailed for 18 months. Photograph: Collins Courts

A man who was caught in possession of hundreds of images of child pornography after sending illicit material to an undercover FBI agent has been jaile(...)

Dermot Whelan said he was sexually aroused by the images, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court  heard.

A man was caught in possession of hundreds of images of children being sexually abused after sending illicit material to an undercover FBI agent, a co(...)

Ryan Tubridy got more political than he meant to last week. Photograph: RTÉ

As he surveys the papers at the start of his show, Ryan Tubridy has some good news for those already suffering from election fatigue. “Obviously it’s (...)

Seizing on every passing factoid: Today FM’s Dermot and Dave. Photograph: Today FM

Back when British music broadcasters were figures of admiration and influence rather than objects of derision and suspicion, the BBC Radio 1 DJ Dave L(...)

Liveline: Joe Duffy leads off by warning listeners who are eating to cover their ears, and rightly so

Welcome though summer’s arrival is, its impact on the radio world can be more ambivalent, from endless reports on the Leaving Cert to Marty Morrissey (...)

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