Brett Kavanaugh

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The US supreme court ruled six-three to block President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 vaccination-or-testing mandate for large businesses. Photograph: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The US supreme court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 vaccination-or-testing mandate for large businesses while endorsing a separate(...)

Workers at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)  protest in Pasadena, California against a US government mandate requiring all federal employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Photograph:  Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Conservative justices on the United States supreme court have appeared to cast doubt over whether the Biden administration has legal authority to intr(...)

Abortion rights advocates and anti-abortion protesters demonstrate in front of the US supreme court in Washington on Wednesday. Photograph: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Conservative justices on the US supreme court signalled they could be willing to let states place new curbs on abortion, in a landmark case that could(...)

The US supreme court in Washington. Photograph: Stefani Reynolds/New York Times

The US’s highest court has undeniably shifted to the right in its first term following the death of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, experts say, wit(...)

Those for and against abortion rights protest in front of the Mississippi state capitol in Jackson, Mississippi on Friday. Photograph: New York Times

Sometimes the impact of political decisions takes time to unfold. It can be months or even years before the full consequence of elections manifest the(...)

Vice-president Kamala Harris. File photograph: Michael M Santiago/Getty

Shortly after she made history as America’s first woman and woman of colour to serve as vice-president,  Harris is wrapping up her first (...)

FBI facing allegation that 2018 background check of Brett Kavanaugh was ‘fake’. File Photograph: Erin Schaff/The New York Times

The FBI is facing new scrutiny for its 2018 background check of Brett Kavanaugh, the supreme court justice, after a lawmaker suggested that the invest(...)

New York governor Andrew Cuomo of New York delivers a coronavirus update on Sunday. Photograph: Cindy Schultz/New York Times

First, he married a Kennedy. Then he behaved like one. Like his idol Bill Clinton – he still cherishes the cigar humidor Clinton gave him – governor A(...)

File image shows an execution chamber  at a prison in Texas. The lethal injection of Willie B Smith III was called off by Alabama  following a US supreme court ruling. Photograph:  Getty Images

An Alabama inmate has won a reprieve from a scheduled lethal injection after the US Supreme Court said the state must allow his personal pastor in the(...)

US president Donald Trump arrives to speak to supporters from the Ellipse near the White House on Wednesday  in Washington, DC.  Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

Democrats in the US House of Representatives are poised to impeach Donald Trump for a second time for his role in inciting the Capitol Hill riots, as (...)

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