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The sad truth is that, in the Irish jobs market, our boys will get paid more per hour than our girls. Photograph: iStock

“Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’,” goes Dolly Parton’s anthem. What a way indeed, especially if you are a woman. When it comes to pay, pro(...)

Once removed from the register of early years services a provider must close and will no longer receive public funding. Photograph: iStock

Two childcare providers in the east of the country have been issued with deregistration notices and both may have to close next month. The Oblate Fat(...)

Mulhuddart Community Centre staff Audrey McGuirk, Angela Priestly, Joe Byrne and Kathleen Brennan are paid minimum wage while colleagues in same jobs earn more. Photograph: Alan Betson

Over 1,000 workers in some of the most disadvantaged areas are being paid minimum wage while colleagues doing the same work are getting €3 per hour mo(...)

 Steve Goode,   manager of two childcare centres in Limerick. His  centres have already had to cope with the loss of about €40,000 of State funding after being found ‘non-compliant’ over attendances. Photograph: Liam Burke/Press 22

Two childcare centres in Limerick city that serve one of the most disadvantaged areas of the State are already “running right at the edge”, says their(...)

The fact that vulnerable families only have the option of the new scheme is a big concern for childcare providers working in the most disadvantaged areas in Ireland. Photograph: iStock

Low-income families on existing childcare subsidy programmes will be allowed to remain on them “indefinitely”, despite the online launch of the new Na(...)

Writer Maeve Binchy could never have foreseen that her deploring of “etiquette fiends”, with their notions of social graces, would inadvertently kicks(...)

In Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown parents of a child under one year can  expect to be charged €265 per week for full-time care. Parents in Co Monaghan will pay an average of just over €155. Photograph: Getty Images

Parents in parts of Dublin will pay up to 70 per cent more for childcare than those in rural areas, new figures released by the Department of Children(...)

The big change for parents when the National Childcare Scheme is due to start operating on Tuesday, October 29th, is that they, not their childcare pr(...)

Critical risks have been identified in 37 creches across the country where serious non-compliance with regulations were identified

Childcare group Early Childhood Ireland have said they would have “serious concerns” about the use of CCTV in creches as quality childcare is centred (...)

Baill de chór Phobal Aifreann Dhún Laoghaire lasmuigh d’Eaglais Naomh Mícheál. In éineacht leo tá Sophie McAteer (6) a deartháir Zachary (8) Mac Dara Ó Drisceoil (8) agus a dheartháir Tadhg (5). Grianghraf: Laura Hutton/The Irish Times

Foclóir: Gasra - group of people; feachtas - campaign, ladar - soup ladle, aighneas - dispute, imlitir - circular, díomuach - defeat, ardú meanma - ra(...)

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