Time to look ahead to 2019, even if you don’t want to. Photograph: Getty

Economic forecasting is a dangerous game at the best of times. But 2019 brings a particularly high level of uncertainty. There is Brexit. The possibil(...)

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and British prime minister Theresa May after talks at 10 Downing Street in London in June. Photograph: Philip Toscano/AFP/Getty Images

It has been an unusual year of economic news. The headlines have been dominated by Brexit and the significant risks which lie ahead. Yet the economic (...)

A report last Tuesday said Ireland’s booming economy faced a number of competitiveness challenges that could seriously derail future growth. Photograph: iStock

Research prepared for the Department of Finance has found that the Irish economy is likely to overheat in the medium term, with strains likely to star(...)

UK premier Theresa May said the House of Commons will get its “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal next month. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

If UK prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal were a walking, talking human being, it’s self esteem would be on the floor after the week just passed.(...)

The National Competitiveness Council is worried about the State’s heavy dependence on the performance of a narrow base of firms. Photograph: Reuters

The latest report from the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) come as a reality check to the succession of bright Irish economic data releases we (...)

The National Competitiveness Council said there is much to be done on the domestic front to improve competitiveness

Ireland’s booming economy faces a number of competitiveness challenges that could seriously derail future growth, according to a new report. The stro(...)

Preparation is key if we are not only to cope with the rise of artificial intelligence, but benefit fully from it. Photograph: iStock
Will robots take our jobs?

The robots are coming – for your job. A study by consulting firm McKinsey suggests about half the activities people are paid to do globally could theo(...)

Professor Louden Ryan (right), then chairman of the National Planning Board in 1984 with Dr Peter Bacon, director of the board secretariat. Photograph: Paddy Whelan /The Irish Times .

Louden Ryan, one of the State’s most influential economists and one of Trinity College Dublin’s most charismatic professors, has died, at the age of 9(...)

Paul Healy, chief executive of Skillnet Ireland: “We must promote the uniquely human skills of strategic thinking, leadership, commercial awareness, collaboration, communicating and influencing, forming relationships.”

Ireland runs the risk of becoming a two-speed economy if current productivity trends continue into the future. One of the key underlying factors causi(...)

If entrepreneurial success is admired and entrepreneurial aspirations are high, why do we only sit mid-table? Photograph: Getty Images

Earlier this summer the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) brought attention to a serious vulnerability in the Irish economy. We are overly-depend(...)

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