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Many kids mindlessly fall into being a bully and if they are re-directed towards more satisfying behaviour to fill their need for power, they will leave their toxic behaviour behind and learn to be a force for good instead of evil. Illustration: Getty

School suits some children, and many kids are perfectly fine about going back to school when September arrives. The extroverted, easy-going children o(...)

Pythagoras: the mathematician in The School of Athens, by Raphael, from 1509. Photograph: Creative Commons/Wikimedia

According to Plato, a core of mathematical knowledge, later known as the quadrivium, was essential for an understanding of the universe. He outlined t(...)

Educated, or merely qualified? The two are becoming  difficult to distinguish. Photograph: iStock

In this mad drive by universities to assuage the captains of industry and cyclopean economists, it is difficult to distinguish any more between those (...)

Movement leader Richard Spencer believes the Alt-right will infiltrate mainstream American culture and politics, starting with deporting undocumented immigrants under Donald Trump. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Currently the subject of a major Twitter storm, Nick Pell’s article for The Irish Times’ website “The Alt-right: everything you need to know” omitted(...)

The Atlantis beach resort at Nassau, The Bahamas. Photograph: Getty

‘The pilot told me this is bad – says it’s the worst he’s experienced in four years.” The air hostess is talking about the storm outside, the one tha(...)

Photograph: Hannah McKay/EPA

Sometimes, it seems wise to question democracy. It’s generally thought the most morally agreeable system, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t flawed or ch(...)

Photograph: iStock

I think that forgiveness – in certain contexts at least – is overrated. Philosophically, it is made more complex by being (like a lot of moral concep(...)