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A  polar bear walks on a road on the outskirts of the Russian industrial city of Norilsk in search of food.  Photograph: Irina Yarinskaya/Zapolyarnaya pravda newspaper/AFP via Getty Images

Over the past fortnight, hundreds of independent climate scientists commissioned by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – and repr(...)

Wildfires in the drought-hit western United States and Canada are continuing to scorch vast areas. Photograph:  US Forest Service/AFP via Getty

We are experiencing a summer of weather extremes encapsulating heatwaves, wild fires and intense rainfall followed by flash floods. This has come in(...)

Robert Pether with his wife Desree: Ms Pether, who lives in Elphin with their children, says the Government so far “has done nothing, nothing”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has been asked to help secure the release of an Irish resident held without charge in Iraq since(...)

The GAA is hopeful 40,000 could attend this year’s All-Ireland finals. Photograph: Inpho

The GAA is hopeful that if its various pilot projects prove successful, August’s All-Ireland finals can be authorised for attendances of up to 40,000.(...)

The Working Group on Jury Service was established in 2018 to examine a range of issues including whether jurors should receive expenses and the potential widening of the jury pool. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The Government has quietly suspended an ambitious programme of reform of the jury system as a result of “other priorities”. The Working Group on Jury(...)

The abduction or murder by authoritarian regimes of political opponents living abroad is by no means uncommon. Iran kidnapped a dissident journalist(...)

Fianna Fáil TD Stephen Donnelly said he was disappointed with the timescale for the introduction of free contraception.

There was no money allocated in budget 2020 for a free contraception scheme, a committee has heard. The Joint Committee on Health heard on Wednesday (...)

Karen Clince operates a ratio of one staff to 11 schoolage children

Who’s going to foot the bill? That’s the issue around which battle lines are being drawn as regulations come in for the first time for care of childre(...)

Sister Jean Quinn: Sophia’s slogan is “providing homes, supporting people”, reflecting a philosophy which recognises that the provision of physical space alone is an inadequate response

The contrast could not have been starker. On Wednesday last Sophia Housing hosted a morning of reflection on the possible development of Wisdom centre(...)

Financial data analysis graph showing market trends over one hundred Euro bill on a digital display. Selective focus. Horizontal composition with copy space. Photograph: iStock

The absence of significant tax cuts from yesterday’s Budget will have come as no surprise but the Minister could have gone further in some key areas, (...)

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