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Two natural gas fuelling stations will be publicly accessible. Photograph: iStock

Waste company Panda is to invest €10 million in a fleet of greener vehicles fuelled by compressed natural gas as the company seeks to cut its carbon e(...)

Aer Lingus staff are attempting to secure a potentially lucrative profit-share agreement. Photograph: Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

Aer Lingus staff have voted down an offer of a €300 voucher and 1 per cent pay increase as they continue their battle to secure a potentially lucrativ(...)

The most common category of metal thieves is organised Irish gangs operating independently in various areas of the country, gardaí say. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The men came in a group into the waste recycling yard and looked around before they started taking scrap metal. They were challenged by a worker and, (...)

Gardaí have told waste company Beauparc that cash sales “are acting like seed capital for organised criminal gangs”, the company said. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Criminal gangs are stealing and selling scrap metal to fund major drugs deals and harassing and intimidating waste industry workers, the Government ha(...)

“People are starting to think about food waste in terms of the environmental message and not simply about what it costs them personally.” Photograph: iStock

Throwing out those leftover carrots you never got around to making soup with? What about those yoghurts long past their best-before date? Food waste i(...)

FoodCloud is reportedly looking to double its operations after securing €1.5 million in investment

The Sunday Business Post leads with a report suggesting deeper business ties between Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Ireland with an estimated €10 bi(...)

Panda is unlikely to be acting alone and other waste companies are probably going to pass on increased costs to their customers in the coming weeks. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

We are being charged to recycle now? We are. Or at least customers of Panda, the largest waste company in the State, is. It has announced it is going(...)

Ireland’s largest waste company Panda has said charges for green bin collections will be frozen for five years after it announced it was introducing a(...)

From April 19th Panda  will charge 80 cents per lift of recycling bins and 4.5 cents per kg of waste in green bins. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times

Ireland’s largest waste company Panda has introduced green bin charges for mixed dry recyclables it collects from more than 250,000 homes and commerci(...)

Panda Power is offering duel fuel discounts to customers

Panda Power, a waste and energy provider, has moved into the gas market, becoming one of Ireland’s only utilities providers to offer waste, electricit(...)

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