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The EPA   said this is the third year in a row we have seen a fall in greenhouse gas   emissions  from participants in the emissions trading system, mainly power generation and industry.

Carbon emissions from Irish power generation and major industrial operations fell by 8.7 per cent during 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency has(...)

ESB pledged to pay the exchequer a dividend of €88 million from its 2019 profits.

Efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its operations in the Republic are costing the ESB €60 million, according to the State-owned energy group(...)

“While emissions from electricity decreased, we have a hill to climb if we are to make meaningful inroads in the other sectors,” says  the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Jim Scheer.

Significant progress in decarbonising power generation in Ireland is being undermined by increases in carbon emissions from transport and heating, acc(...)

Sustainable, low-impact building - grass-roofed house with photovoltaic solar panel built and blended into seacliffs in the  Beara Peninsula, West Cork

The image of Charlie Haughey with his own wind turbine on Inishvickillane in the 1980s was the nearest Ireland got to the secret, self-sufficient bunk(...)

EirGrid calculates that, by 2027, data centres will use the same amount of electricity as Dublin does now. Photograph: iStock

Irish energy policy is a mass of contradictions. The Government has pledged that renewables such as wind and solar power will provide 70 per cent of a(...)

The Climate Change Advisory Council claims the practice of using public funds to buy carbon credits from other countries has no domestic benefit

The failure to set out detailed, cost-effective proposals on how to decarbonise the Irish economy by 2050 represents a major obstacle to progressing p(...)

The Citizens’ Assembly ‘was crystal clear that people want to see the Government take the lead on climate action’

Friends of the Earth has called on the Government to include the carbon tax in a series of decarbonisation measures rather than increasing it as a sta(...)

Eirgrid plans to link two substations in Woodland, Co Meath, and Dunstown, Co Kildare, at a cost of €110-€190 million. Photograph: iStock

National electricity grid operator Eirgrid is planning a €110 million-plus boost to part of its network to meet rocketing demand from data centres and(...)

“The commercial development of wave energy converters is moving towards reality and is led by an Irish company,  Ocean Energy.” Photograph; Getty Images

The big climate issue facing Ireland is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and switching to a low carbon way of living, and Prof Tony Lewis believes th(...)

The council is also reviewing national policies in light an EU requirement that a draft “climate and energy plan” be completed by the end of 2018.

The Government needs to introduce a carbon tax in the Budget and more than double it by 2030, if it is to have any chance of decarbonising Ireland in (...)

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