‘The poem, An tEarrach Thiar, was also one the students like to study.’ File photograph: Getty

Irish paper two Higher level students who covered the entire course will have been happy with Irish paper two, according to teachers. John Gavin of (...)

Students sitting higher-level Irish paper two will have been pleased with a broad and varied paper that had something for everyone, particularly in th(...)

Students sitting the second paper in Higher Level Irish for the Junior Cert on Thursday afternoon encountered a paper that was more difficult than pap(...)

Students sitting the first paper in Higher Level Irish for the Junior Cert on Thursday morning encountered a “very fair paper” that would have pleased(...)

A question on the film Cáca Milis appeared which asked students about about the main character’s effect on the viewing audience. Photograph: Irish Film Board/Youtube

Students who banked on a widely-anticipated short story appearing in the higher level Irish paper prose section got a surprise today. The story, An G(...)

Students were asked about a text taken from An Lamborghini Buí, a novel by Iarla Mac Aodha Bhuí. Photograph: iStockphoto.

There were no surprises on the second Junior Certificate Irish exam of the day. Paper 2, which was described by teachers as “fair” and “student friend(...)

Online resources are changing the way students learn

Students are taking control of their own learning. Where once it was all school, homework and grinds, the online world has revolutionised learning. (...)

Students were asked to tackle comprehensions on the Olympic Games and on climate change. Photograph: Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

Students playing the dangerous game of predicting exam questions will have been left disappointed by Leaving Cert Irish paper two, after some widely e(...)

Leaving Cert Irish ordinary-level  paper one asked students to write about a day out on the train with a friend. File photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Higher- and ordinary-level students faced little or no problems with Leaving Cert Irish paper one, but some of the essay titles were “like something f(...)