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If Finn Russell could be boxed as a player it is his sleight of hand, his dexterity, his potential to be one of the most creative and exhilarating players in world rugby. File photograph: Craig Watson/Inpho

On social media there is a clip of Finn Russell juggling a tennis racket and two tennis balls. The first impression is how apt it appears: a rugby pla(...)

Nothing has so dramatically reconfigured the history of life on Earth as the epic mass extinction events that punctuate the fossil record stretching b(...)

Researchers at the Rockefeller University in New York believe immunity may block mutant forms of the virus. Photograph: iStock

Environment & Science Editor People who recover from Covid-19 are protected against the virus for at least six months, and likely much longer, a(...)

Our hunter-gatherer and farming ancestors never ran or walked several miles a day just for health. Photograph: iStock

Exercise leaves us healthier and more likely to live longer, yet many of us struggle to swallow the recommended dose of physical activity. This is be(...)

In a two-child family, given that there is at least one boy, what is the probability that there are two?

A paradox is a statement that appears to contradict itself, or that is counter-intuitive. The analysis of paradoxes has led to profound developments i(...)

Shay Brennan in action for the Republic of Ireand.

Born in Manchester to parents both from Carlow, Shay Brennan was an unlikely pioneer, perhaps even a reluctant one for a time. But the Manchester Un(...)

The  EU’s request for an  office in Northern Ireland is a technical issue unnecessarily politicised by Britain. Photograph: John Thys

There’s one word no one wants to hear in Brussels: Brexit. Profound weariness has set in in the European Union capital towards Britain’s project, even(...)

People wearing facemasks in Dublin’s city centre due to Covid-19. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Doctors and pharmacists have raised concerns about a lack of cocooning among some over-70s who do not not understand or are not adhering to the stay a(...)

Primark has repeatedly insisted that online retailing makes no sense at its end of the market. Photograph:  Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight once more on discount fashion retailer Primark’s decision to eschew online sales. Primark, which trade(...)

There is no food scene here – scenes haven’t breached this city’s walls: a vIew of Naples from Piazza del Plebiscito. Photograph: iStock

Barcelona and San Sebastian have long topped the gourmet getaway lists but for me the Catalan and Basque big guns both lost their charm a long time ag(...)

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