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Irish language speakers are to be allocated reserved places in student residences at NUI Galway as part of a scheme to boost the language at the university.Colin Gleeson reports.

Graduate group Saothar surveyed hundreds of Trinity graduates for career advice – this is what it learned...Read more here.

Many universities are to be given quotas on the number of secondary teachers to be trained in key subjects for the first time to help ease a staffing "crisis" in classrooms. Carl O'Brien reports.

Hozier's six-foot-plus frame emerges on to the stage of the Academy in Dublin. Gasps ripple across the darkened crowd. When Hozier opens with the thundering chords of To Be Alone, you just might have been alone with the Bray-born musician and his band. Kayle Crosson reports.


"Can we do it in bed?" Cher asks, smiling slyly as she emerges from a knot of corridors in her sprawling hotel suite in midtown Manhattan at about 9pm on a sultry August night. Who would say no, asks Philip Galanes.

Why has a podcast about a girl's teenage diaries become a hit with men? Whether you went to school ten or fifty years ago, one truism endures: those few short years stay with you forever. In the case of twentysomething Laura Kirk, this is literal. Tanya Sweeney reports.During the 1990s, Stephen Rea was approached about a drama based on the Great Famine. The project did not come to pass. "Some American producer said the script is very heavy – couldn't we lighten it?" recalls the actor. "And my agent at the time said: 'How are we going to lighten it? Feed them?'" Tara Brady reports.