Free Interrail tickets for 18 year olds

Interested in travelling across Europe free of charge for a period of up to 30 days this summer?

Irish teenagers aged 18 on July 1st are being offered an opportunity to travel across Europe using a free Interrail ticket for a month during the summer as part of a pilot EU scheme.

Passengers will start their journey in one of the 28 EU member states between July and September and can travel to 4 countries for a period of up to 30 days.

A total of 15,000 tickets are being offered across the EU as part of the pilot #DiscoverEU programme which is aimed at fostering closer international relations and promoting cultural exchange within the European community.

Expressing support for the initiative, Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes said: "The EU have introduced many programmes that have benefited young people such as Erasmus+. #DiscoverEU is another way that young people can benefit from the EU and at the same time promote tourism and enhance social cohesion.


“It will also allow young people to learn about other countries, make new friends and discover new opportunities. It will show European citizens that the EU is much more than a law making machine,” Mr Hayes added.

#DiscoverEU will allow young people, regardless of their social and educational background the opportunity to discover Europe,” concluded Mr Hayes.

To apply for one of the 15,000 tickets offered under the scheme, applicants will have to be 18 years old on July 1st 2018 and will be a national of one of the 28 EU member states.

Applicants will be expected to show an interest in visiting at least one European Cultural Heritage site and will need to complete a quiz on EU cultural heritage, European Parliament elections and youth.

The €12m pilot scheme, which is being funded by the European Commission, is to be expanded in the coming years and it is expected that €700 million will be allocated to the program from 2021.

German MEP and chair of the European People's party in the European parliament, Manfred Weber has long campaigned for a free Interrail ticket for each EU citizen once they turn 18.

“I am convinced that the ‘18th birthday’ Interrail pass for every European could become a true flagship project for the development of a common European identity in diversity. Giving young people a chance to make it around Europe could have a decisive impact on both their future and that of the European Union. Let’s not miss the train,” said Mr Weber.

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