2024 GAA league and championship - who’s playing who, and when?

The 2024 football league starts on Saturday, January 27th with a repeat of this year’s All-Ireland semi-finals

At first glance it’s essentially a carbon copy of the GAA’s current master fixture list now all but completed, only the 2024 structure will most likely make for a more competitive National Hurling League going into next year and beyond.

It follows the decision by Central Council last weekend to approve the introduction of a new league structure from 2025, which will consist of five hierarchical divisions of seven teams, although the top two divisions will continue to be designated as 1A and 1B.

This also means the upcoming league will determine who goes into the 2025 top tier, with the leading three from Division 1A and Division 1B joined by the fourth-placed team from 1A or 1B boasting the best record.

Despite some muted opposition from certain counties, including Wexford, Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) chairperson Derek Kent (also a Wexford native) said the changes will likely bring some “life” back into the competition.


“That appetite I believe was with most hurling counties,” Kent said at the master fixture announcement in Croke Park, “because it’s putting a bit of life back into the leagues, because it had lost its spark.

“If you’re in Division One, you certainly don’t want to be relegated to Division Two. So, if you’re a Cork, or Tipperary, or Clare or Limerick, you don’t want to go down.

“And if you’re down in the lower division, you have to look at your competition, look at your gate receipts, so that will give some life to stay in Division One, and also to stay in Division Two, as supposed to Division Three.

“Naturally enough, some counties that are feeling the heat at the moment around the lower tier of Division One, of course they might oppose it. Including my own county.”

The seventh place in the new top tier will be determined by a) match points; and if they are equal b) scoring difference. There won’t be a playoff so, that an additional fixture won’t be required in the already packed calendar.

From there, promotion and relegation will be on the basis of two up and two down, so there will be greater churn than under the previous structure; the hurling league final will be played between the top two teams in 1A.

GAA Games Administration manager Bernard Smith said the continuation of the split season was a given, under GAA rule, although the aim to complete all club competitions within the calendar year, including the All-Ireland finals, is not yet realistic.

“Not at the moment,” said Smith, “although that was the long-term goal of the Association, we’re in a very good place now, it’s finished before the start of the national league, and we’re taking up only the first three weekends in January, for the club.

“We did look at the option of playing both club semi-finals pre-Christmas, but that would have taken another week off the clubs. Remember, too, the split season is actually in rule, so the CCCC don’t have the power to change this, there has to be a motion to Congress. So we are restricted by what’s in rule. We can’t go on a solo run and change things.”

League finals in both football and hurling also do remain: “Central Council have told us that twice now, so we’ll go with it,” said Smith.

The 2024 football league starts on Saturday, January 27th with a repeat of this year’s All-Ireland semi-finals; Kerry host Derry at Austin Stack Park (5.30pm), before All-Ireland champions Dublin host Monaghan in Croke Park.

In one change from 2023, it was agreed that all games in the final round of Division Two in football will be played simultaneously under floodlights on Saturday, March 23rd.

Previously, the round seven games of all four divisions were played on the Sunday, although for 2024, the Sunday schedule will now consist of Divisions One, Three and Four.

This gives Division Two its own top billing on the Saturday, with additional significance once again as it will partly decide which teams qualify for the Sam Maguire championship or will play in the 2024 Tailteann Cup.

2024 Allianz League Fixtures


Saturday 27th

AFL – Div 1: Kerry v Derry, 5.30; Dublin v Monaghan, 7.30. Div 2: Meath v Fermanagh, 2.30; Kildare v Cavan, 5.0; Armagh v Louth, 6.0. Div 4 (6.0): Laois v Longford; Tipperary v Carlow.

Sunday 28th

AFL – Div 1: Galway v Mayo, 1.45; Tyrone v Roscommon, 3.35. Div 2: Donegal v Cork, 1.45. Div 3 (2.0): Limerick v Antrim, 12.30; Clare v Sligo; Offaly v Westmeath; Wicklow v Down, Aughrim. Div 4: London v Wexford, 1.0; Waterford v Leitrim, 2.0.


Saturday 3rd

AFL – Div 1: Mayo v Dublin, 7.30; Div 2 (6.0): Armagh v Meath; Fermanagh v Kildare. Div 3: Down v Limerick, 6.0; Div 4 (6.0): Carlow v Waterford; Wexford v Laois.

AHL – Div 1B: Galway v Westmeath, 2.0; Dublin v Tipperary, 2.30; Div 3A: Sligo v Cavan, 2.0; Div 3B: Lancashire v Longford, 1.0.

Sunday 4th

AFL – Div 1: Monaghan v Kerry, 1.0; Roscommon v Galway, 2.0; Derry v Tyrone, 3.45. Div 2: Louth v Cork, 1.0; Cavan v Donegal, 4.0. Div 3 (2.0): Antrim v Offaly; Sligo v Wicklow; Westmeath v Clare. Div 4: Leitrim v London, 1.0; Longford v Tipperary, 2.0.

AHL – Div 1A (1.45): Clare v Cork; Kilkenny v Wexford; Offaly v Waterford, 2.0; Div 1B: Limerick v Antrim, 2.0. Div 2A (2.0): Kerry v Carlow, 1.0; Laois v Down; Meath v Kildare. Div 2B: Roscommon v London, 12.30; Derry v Tyrone, 1.30; Wicklow v Donegal, 2.0. Div 3A (2.0): Louth v Monaghan; Mayo v Armagh. Div 3B: Warwickshire v Leitrim, 1.0

Saturday 10th

AHL – Div 1A: Wexford v Offaly, 5.0; Cork v Kilkenny, 7.30. Div 2A: Down v Kerry, 1.0. Div 2B: Donegal v Derry, 2.30; Div 3A: Cavan v Louth, 2.0. Div 3B: Leitrim v Fermanagh, 2.0.

Sunday 11th

AHL – Div 1A: Waterford v Clare, 1.45. Div 1B: Antrim v Dublin, 1.45; Westmeath v Limerick, 2.0; Tipperary v Galway, 3.45. Div 2A (2.0): Carlow v Meath; Kildare v Laois. Div 2B: London v Wicklow, 1.0; Tyrone v Roscommon, 2.0. Div 3A (2.0): Armagh v Sligo; Monaghan v Mayo. Div 3B: Longford v Warwickshire, 1.0.

Saturday 17th

AFL – Div 1 (5.0): Derry v Monaghan; Dublin v Roscommon; Kerry v Mayo, 7.30. Div 2: Donegal v Fermanagh, 2.0; Cork v Cavan, 4.0. Div 4 (6.0): Laois v Carlow; Waterford v Longford.

Sunday 18th

AFL – Div 1: Tyrone v Galway, 1.45. Div 2: Meath v Louth, 2.0; Kildare v Armagh, 3.45. Div 3 (2.0): Antrim v Down; Limerick v Sligo; Offaly v Clare; Wicklow v Westmeath. Div 4: London v Tipperary, 1.0; Leitrim v Wexford, 2.0.

Saturday 24th

AFL – Div 1: Tyrone v Mayo, 5.15; Dublin v Kerry, 7.30. Div 3: Down v Offaly, 6.0. Div 4: Wexford v Waterford, 5.0.

AHL – Div 1B: Tipperary v Westmeath, 4.0; Dublin v Limerick, 5.15. Div 2A: Laois v Carlow, 6.0. Div 2B: Tyrone v Donegal, 3.0. Div 3B (2.0): Fermanagh v Warwickshire; Leitrim v Lancashire.

Sunday 25th

AFL – Div 1 (1.45): Galway v Derry; Roscommon v Monaghan. Div 2 (2.0): Fermanagh v Cork; Louth v Cavan; Meath v Kildare; Armagh v Donegal, 3.0. Div 3 (2.0): Clare v Wicklow; Sligo v Antrim; Westmeath v Limerick. Div 4 (2.0): Longford v London, 1.0; Carlow v Leitrim; Tipperary v Laois.

AHL – Div 1A (3.45): Kilkenny v Offaly, 1.45; Cork v Waterford; Wexford v Clare. Div 1B: Antrim v Galway, 1.0. Div 2A (2.0): Down v Kildare; Kerry v Meath. Div 2B: Derry v London, 1.0; Wicklow v Roscommon, 2.0. Div 3A (2.0): Louth v Sligo, 1.0; Mayo v Cavan; Monaghan v Armagh.


Saturday 2nd

AFL – Div 1: Derry v Dublin, 5.0; Mayo v Roscommon, 7.30. Div 2: Fermanagh v Armagh, 6.0; Cavan v Meath, 7.0. Div 3: Limerick v Clare, 6.0; Div 4 (7.0): Carlow v Wexford; Laois v London.

Sunday 3rd

AFL – Div 1: Kerry v Tyrone, 1.15; Monaghan v Galway, 3.15. Div 2: Donegal v Louth, 2.0; Cork v Kildare, 3.30. Div 3 (2.0): Antrim v Westmeath; Down v Sligo; Offaly v Wicklow. Div 4 (2.0): Longford v Leitrim; Tipperary v Waterford.

Saturday 9th

AHL – Div 1B: Westmeath v Antrim, 3.30; Limerick v Tipperary, 7.35. Div 2A (2.0): Kildare v Kerry; Cavan v Armagh. Div 3B (2.0): Fermanagh v Lancashire; Longford v Leitrim.

Sunday 10th

AHL – Div 1A: Offaly v Cork, 1.15; Clare v Kilkenny, 1.30; Waterford v Wexford, 3.30. Div 1B: Galway v Dublin, 1.30. Div 2A: Carlow v Down, 1.0; Meath v Laois, 2.0; Div 2B (2.0): London v Tyrone, 1.0; Roscommon v Donegal; Wicklow v Derry. Div 3A (2.0): Mayo v Louth; Sligo v Monaghan.

Saturday 16th

AFL – Div 1: Galway v Dublin, 3.15; Tyrone v Monaghan, 7.30. Div 2: Armagh v Cavan, 5.0. Div 3: Wicklow v Limerick, 3.0. Div 4: London v Waterford, 1.0; Laois v Leitrim, 4.15; Tipperary v Wexford, 6.0.

AHL – Div 1A: Waterford v Kilkenny, 3.0. Div 1B: Antrim v Tipperary, 3.0. Div 2A (2.0): Down v Meath; Kildare v Carlow, 2.0; Laois v Kerry, 2.0. Div 3A (2.30): Armagh v Louth; Cavan v Monaghan; Sligo v Mayo. Div 3B (2.30): Fermanagh v Longford; Warwickshire v Lancashire.

Sunday 17th

AFL – Div 1: Roscommon v Kerry, 1.45; Mayo v Derry, 3.45. Div 2: Louth v Fermanagh, 1.0; Meath v Cork, 1.45. Div 3 (2.0): Clare v Antrim, 12.30; Sligo v Offaly; Westmeath v Down. Div 4: Longford v Carlow, 2.0.

AHL – Div 1A (1.45): Offaly v Clare; Wexford v Cork. Div 1B (1.45): Dublin v Westmeath; Limerick v Galway. Div 2B (1.0): Derry v Roscommon; Donegal v London; Tyrone v Wicklow.

Saturday 23rd /Sunday 24th

AHL semi-finals and relegation playoffs

Saturday 23rd

AFL – Div 2 (7.0): Cavan v Fermanagh; Cork v Armagh; Donegal v Meath; Kildare v Louth.

Sunday 24th

AFL – Div 1 (1.45): Derry v Roscommon; Dublin v Tyrone; Kerry v Galway; Monaghan v Mayo. Div 3 (2.0): Antrim v Wicklow; Down v Clare; Offaly v Limerick; Sligo v Westmeath. Div 4 (1.0): Carlow v London; Leitrim v Tipperary; Waterford v Laois; Wexford v Longford.

Saturday 30th/Sunday 31st

AFL finals

AHL finals (Div 2A, 2B, 3A & 3B)


Saturday 6th/Sunday 7th

AHL Div 1 Final

2024 Championship Fixtures


Saturday 6th

Connacht SFC quarter-final: London v Galway

Sunday 7th

Connacht SFC quarter-finals: New York v Mayo; Sligo v Leitrim.

Leinster SFC Rd 1: Westmeath v Wicklow; Wexford v Carlow; Longford v Meath.

Munster SFC quarter-finals: Tipperary v Waterford; Limerick v Cork.

Ulster SFC preliminary round: Monaghan v Cavan.

Saturday 13th

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Down v Antrim

Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th

Christy Ring Cup Rd 1: Tyrone v London; Sligo v Kildare; Wicklow v Derry.

Nickey Rackard Cup Rd 1: Roscommon v Louth; Armagh v Donegal; Mayo v Monaghan.

Lory Meagher Cup Rd 1: Leitrim v Fermanagh; Longford v Lancashire; Cavan v Warwickshire.

Sunday 14th

Leinster SFC quarter-finals: Dublin v Longford/Meath; Kildare v Westmeath/Wicklow; Louth v Carlow/Wexford; Offaly v Laois.

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Fermanagh v Armagh.

Saturday 20th

Connacht SFC semi-final: Sligo/Leitrim v London/Galway.

Munster SFC semi-finals: Clare v Tipperary/Waterford;

Kerry v Limerick/Cork.

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Derry v Donegal

Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st

Joe McDonagh Cup Rd 1: Westmeath v Kerry; Down v Meath; Laois v Offaly.

Christy Ring Cup Rd 2: Kildare v Wicklow; London v Sligo; Derry v Tyrone.

Nickey Rackard Cup Rd 2: Donegal v Mayo; Louth v Armagh; Monaghan v Roscommon.

Lory Meagher Cup Rd 2: Fermanagh v Cavan; Warwickshire v Longford; Lancashire v Leitrim.

Sunday 21st

Connacht SFC semi-final: New York/Mayo v Roscommon.

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Tyrone v Monaghan/Cavan.

Leinster SHC Rd 1: Kilkenny v Antrim; Wexford v Dublin; Galway v Carlow

Munster SHC Rd 1: Clare v Limerick; Waterford v Cork.

Saturday 27th

Leinster SHC Rd 2: Antrim v Wexford; Carlow v Dublin.

Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th

Ulster SFC semi-finals: Derry/Donegal v Tyrone or Monaghan/Cavan;

Down/Antrim v Fermanagh/Armagh.

Joe McDonagh Cup Rd 2: Meath v Laois; Kerry v Down; Offaly v Westmeath.

Christy Ring Cup Rd 3: Kildare v Derry; London v Wicklow; Sligo v Tyrone.

Nickey Rackard Cup Rd 3: Donegal v Monaghan; Louth v Mayo; Armagh v Roscommon.

Lory Meagher Cup Rd 3: Lancashire v Cavan; Warwickshire v Fermanagh; Longford v Leitrim.

Sunday 28th

Leinster SFC semi-finals: Dublin or Longford/Meath v Offaly/Laois; Kildare or Westmeath/Wicklow v Louth or Carlow/Wexford.

Leinster SHC Rd 2: Galway v Kilkenny.

Munster SHC Rd 2: Cork v Clare; Limerick v Tipperary.


Saturday 4th

Leinster SHC Rd 3: Wexford v Galway.

Munster SHC Rd 3: Waterford v Tipperary.

Saturday 4th/Sunday 5th

Joe McDonagh Cup Rd 3: Meath v Offaly; Kerry v Laois; Down v Westmeath.

Sunday 5th

Connacht SFC Final.

Munster SFC Final.

Saturday 11th

Leinster SHC Rd 3: Dublin v Antrim; Carlow v Kilkenny.

Munster SHC Rd 3: Cork v Limerick.

Saturday 11th/Sunday 12th

Tailteann Cup Rd 1.

All-Ireland U20 Championship semi-final.

Christy Ring Cup Rd 4: Tyrone v Kildare; Wicklow v Sligo; Derry v London.

Nickey Rackard Cup Rd 4: Roscommon v Donegal; Mayo v Armagh; Monaghan v Louth.

Lory Meager Cup Rd 4: Cavan v Longford; Fermanagh v Lancashire; Leitrim v Warwickshire.

Sunday 12th

Leinster SFC Final.

Ulster SFC Final.

Saturday 18th

Leinster SHC Rd 4: Dublin v Kilkenny

Saturday 18th-Sunday19th

All-Ireland SFC Rd 1 (Involving Munster & Connacht finalists).

Tailteann Cup Round 2.

All-Ireland U20 Championship Finals (A&B).

Joe McDonagh Cup Rd 4: Westmeath v Meath; Laois v Down; Offaly v Kerry.

Christy Ring Cup Rd 5: Tyrone v Wicklow; Sligo v Derry; London v Kildare.

Nickey Rackard Cup Rd 5: Roscommon v Mayo; Armagh v Monaghan; Louth v Donegal.

Lory Meagher Cup Rd 5: Leitrim v Cavan; Longford v Fermanagh; Lancashire v Warwickshire.

Sunday 19th

Leinster SHC Rd 4: Carlow v Wexford; Antrim v Galway.

Munster SHC Rd 4: Clare v Waterford; Tipperary v Cork.

All-Ireland SFC Rd 1 (Involving Leinster & Ulster finalists).

Joe McDonagh Cup Rd 5: Westmeath v Laois; Down v Offaly; Kerry v Meath.

Sunday 26th

Leinster SHC Rd 5: Kilkenny v Wexford; Galway v Dublin; Antrim v Carlow.

Munster SHC Rd 5: Limerick v Waterford; Tipperary v Clare.


Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd

All-Ireland SFC Rd 2.

Tailteann Cup Rd 3 (Neutral).

Christy Ring Cup Final.

Nickey Rackard Cup Final.

Lory Meagher Cup Final.

All-Ireland U20 Hurling Championship Final.

Saturday 8th

Leinster SHC Final.

Joe McDonagh Cup Final.

Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th

Tailteann Cup preliminary quarter-finals.

Sunday 9th

Munster SHC Final.

Saturday 15th/Sunday 16th

All-Ireland SFC Rd 3 (Neutral).

Tailteann Cup quarter-finals.

All-Ireland SHC preliminary quarter-finals.

Saturday 22nd

All-Ireland SHC quarter-finals.

Saturday 22nd/Sunday 23rd

All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-finals.

Sunday 23rd

Tailteann Cup semi-finals.

Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th

All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals.

All-Ireland SHC relegation playoff.


Saturday 6th

All-Ireland SHC semi-final (Leinster winner v quarter-final winner).

Sunday 7th

All-Ireland SHC semi-final: Munster winner v quarter-final winner.

Saturday 13th

Tailteann Cup Final.

Saturday 13th/Sunday14th

All-Ireland SFC semi-finals.

Sunday 21st

All-Ireland SHC Final.

Sunday 28th

All-Ireland SFC Final.

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