Added Time: Ireland’s Japan prep can only get better, right?

Victories for Dublin and Galway women while Ben Stokes steals the show in Leeds

It's not dark yet, but it's getting there. You know Ireland's Rugby World Cup preparations are going badly when the rugby writers are quoting Dylan in their intros. Gavin Cummiskey and Gerry Thornley are in studio to pick over the entrails of Saturday's hiding in Twickenham and singularly fail to talk us down off the ledge.

Dublin will meet Galway in the women’s football All-Ireland final in three weeks after they came out on top in yesterday’s semi-final double-header in Croke Park. Joanne O’Riordan is on the line to break down a grinding Dublin win and a knife-edge cracker for Galway over Mayo.

And we couldn’t let the day pass without acknowledging the insanity at Headingly yesterday. Patrick Madden talks us through the glory of Ben Stokes and his winning of the third Ashes Test.

All in your Monday Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and Pat Nugent.


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