Importing gas fracked in the US

Sir, – Oisín Coghlan of Friends of the Earth claims its absurd and a "glaring inconsistency" that the Government is prepared to import fracked US natural gas when it has banned fracking in Ireland ("Advisory council says Ireland must continue to explore for gasfields", News, October 3rd).

On the same page you report that the EU will part-fund an underwater interconnector that will allow Ireland import electricity directly from the French national grid. France generates 70 per cent of its electricity using nuclear power but under Irish law Ireland’s power companies are banned from using nuclear to generate electricity.

If Mr Coghlan and Friends of the Earth want to be consistent surely they should also oppose the planned Ireland-France interconnect? Or is their real beef with the fact that the fracked gas they object to comes from the US and has been championed by a certain Donald J Trump? – Yours, etc,




Dublin 13.