Direct provision and asylum process


Sir, – I totally agree with Michael McDowell that there is no workable alternative to direct provision (Opinion & Analysis, November 6th).

He has clearly defined the difference between vulnerable non-EU citizens seeking protection and those who are economic migrants posing as refugees. It is our legal and moral duty to offer protection to a limited number of genuine asylum applicants.

The State must also enforce our immigration laws and deny entry to non-EU citizens who attempt to enter the State illegally, and must deport those who succeed in gaining such illegal entry.

There are legal channels for obtaining work visas or student visas based on strict criteria which must be honoured by successful applicants. The Taoiseach has rightly pointed this out.

Commentators who contradict these facts by virtue-signalling are in my view not speaking for the majority of Irish citizens, and indeed are indirectly promoting the despicable business of human trafficking by propagating the notion that once you gain illegal entry to Ireland you can stay. They are also putting the Common Travel Area with the UK at risk as any illegal backdoor routes to the UK mainland will not be tolerated by the British government.

It was refreshing to read such a well-researched and objective opinion piece from Michael McDowell.

My only regret is that he is not running for office in the next election, or building a new political party. He would certainly get my vote. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.