Relationships and the workplace


Sir, – The liberal tyranny now extends to the workplace where bosses can be forced to resign if they begin a relationship with a common worker in a company, as in the case of McDonald’s (“McDonald’s fires chief executive over relationship with employee”, Business, November 4th).

Isn’t it wonderful that our morals are identified by the rich and powerful who take immediate action to convey the message that the lower classes ought not become contaminated by our betters? I expect to see a raft of resignations right across the board in the political and corporate worlds, where inappropriate liaisons between the mighty and the meek are nipped in the bud, so to speak. It’s primarily in the interests of the “ordinary workers” that fraternisation and aspirations to a crowded upper middle class that we mere Earthlings are kept safe from such notions. Know your place everyone,and don’t upset the apple tart, as Bertie Ahern might say. And keep your private life to yourself, at all costs. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.