Time to ban foie gras?

Sir, – Jennifer White, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, asks if anyone is still eating foie gras (Letters, 7November 7th) and calls for a ban on its sale and importation. She might be careful what she wishes for.

When the sale of foie gras was banned in California in 2004, some establishments circumvented the restriction by giving it away for free but charging $100 for the accompanying bread.

When the ban was overturned in 2015, chefs immediately pulled out all the foie gras they had been hiding and added it back to menus at an inflated price.

Demand remained for foie gras, as did the argument against it. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

A chara, – I was amused to read Jennifer White’s clever description of foie gras as “torture in a tin”.

On my frequent visits to France, I invariably buy it cut from a whole, fresh piece. It’s heaven when spread across hot toast and accompanied by a glass of Loupiac.

In my youth I also tried the tinned variety and, while I would hardly describe it as torture, I must admit it can be relatively dry.

If this is the form to which Ms White is accustomed, I suppose she might almost be forgiven for her preposterous claim that vegan imitations can rival the experience of eating this exquisite delicacy. – Is mise,