Credits where credit is due

Sir, – Dr Stanley DW Miller (Letters, March 15th) bemoans the practice of RTÉ skipping the closing credits on films, denying viewers "the complete film experience".

While acknowledging the input of all those listed on the credits, I have long wondered why it is felt the viewer needs to see two or three minutes of rolling names and obscure occupations in tiny font.

If l buy a loaf of bread, l am not presented with a list names of the individual baker who made my loaf, the designer of the wrapping it comes in, or the name of the delivery firm who brought it to the store.

When my insurance disc arrives, there is no accompanying leaflet naming the sales agent who took my call, the underwriter who processed it, or the worker who popped it the envelope.

Credits where credit is due, and needed. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 8.