Where is the protection for landlords

Sir, – I note in the piece by Kitty Holland ("Residents facing evictions after long battle with two landlords", March 15th) the comment by Threshold, that the "case underlines the inadequacy of protections for private tenants".

Nothing could be further from the truth. Nobody likes to see or hear of evictions representing as they do a complete failure of the landlord/tenant relationship and more cogently, the fiasco of strangulating legislation that has resulted in chasing landlords out of the market, thereby reducing the number of available rental properties resulting in a lack of choice for tenants and upward rent pressure.

Anyone contemplating investing in rental property would be wise to review the raft of legislation in place, from rent pressure zones, Covid-19 moratoriums and termination restrictions, all of which have smothered a free market and hurt everyone – tenants and landlords.

This added to crippling taxation has made it clear to any would-be investor that landlords are not a welcome species in Ireland.


While some of the regulations might have provided fantasy optics for the left-wing, all that happened was the elimination of a supply channel that has not been replaced by any other party, including the State. – Yours, etc,