Clean up your own House first

Sir, – Isn't it great that a Portacabin has been set up for the cleaners in Leinster House (Miriam Lord, March 13th)? And they'll get a kettle, and might even get wifi!

In fairness to Leinster House, this treatment of contract cleaners is not unique here. Despite the very essential nature of their work, cleaners are still low paid.

Judging by the huge profits made by contract facilities companies, it is clear that a very unequal and unfair situation persists in an industry where most employees are women or migrant workers, who work for less and often have no union to speak on their behalf.

Why can’t Leinster House directly employ and pay these cleaners as it does other staff?


The trend of using contract companies is not in the interest of workers and our Government could examine the industry to determine the fairness and equality of this type of employment, starting with Leinster House. – Yours, etc,