Another Brexit referendum?


Sir, – The steady drip-feed of anti-Brexit, EU flag-waving material from the besotted Irish Times is relentless. At the exact moment that our Minister for Finance is trying to explain away our status as a de facto tax haven, we have Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder agitating excitedly for a rerun of the supposedly “once in a generation” Brexit vote and arguing that “Ireland can play a part” (“Momentum growing for a new Brexit vote”, Opinion & Analysis, January 26th).

Outside the cosy confines of a BBC green room or a Brussels cafe, there is no momentum growing from the British public in any substantial survey for a second referendum, despite what Ms Bearder claims. Some polls show a slight increase in Brexit regret, but the numbers are negligible. Isn’t it remarkable how certain commentators are happy to dismiss the result of referendum in which 33 million people voted but will seize on a YouGov poll of a few hundred? If there is to be a second referendum, however, let us indeed mobilise the great and the good of Irish public life to “convince British voters” to behave themselves. The unwarranted and, no doubt, intensely irritating interjections from the likes of Bob Geldof, Enda Kenny, et al, had such a galvanising effect the last time around, after all – in securing a victory for the Leave campaign. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.