UK election: Six possible results and how they’d affect Brexit

If neither Johnson nor Corbyn wins majority, Corbyn has better chance of becoming PM

Nigel Farage has told Boris Johnson to drop the Brexit deal and join his party in a "Leave alliance" or face a challenge from the Brexit Party in the forthcoming general election.

There was an elegiac quality to exchanges in the House of Commons this week as MPs paid tribute to Speaker John Bercow, who has left after 10 years in the chair, and to colleagues who will not be contesting next month’s general election. Dozens of MPs have announced they are leaving parliament, some of them because the abuse they receive as MPs, both online and in person, has become intolerable.

Others are facing into the election with little confidence of success, and one MP in a marginal seat spent much of last week shaking colleagues’ hands and telling them “it was nice knowing you”. The British Election Study reported last month an unprecedented level of churn among voters, half of whom voted for different parties in 2010, 2015 and 2017.

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