Waste firm in court over alleged breach of shipment rules


Waste company Greyhound is facing prosecution for allegedly breaching shipment of waste rules. It is alleged that five containers of waste of a type prohibited from export for recovery to China, India and Indonesia were found at Dublin Port on January 13th and April 14th, 2010.

Dublin City Council is attempting to prosecute Greyhound Recycling and Recovery. The company took over the council’s domestic waste collection last January.

The case was before Judge John O’Neill at Dublin District Court yesterday. Louis McEntagart, counsel for the waste company which is based at Crag Avenue, Clondalkin, Dublin, argued that there was a prejudicial delay of about two and a half years in bringing the case. This impaired his client’s right to a fair trial.

Tim O’Sullivan, for the council, said the defence had not explained how the delay was prejudicial to the waste company.

However, he agreed to set out in an affidavit an explanation giving the reasons for the time it took to bring the prosecution.

Judge O’Neill adjourned the case until March 4th.