Dublin toy store apologises after anti-abortion material discovered in catalogue

Banba Toymaster says anti-abortion material was sent without its consent


Dublin toy store Banba Toymaster has issued an apology after anti-abortion material was included in product catalogues distributed to customers.

The store, based on Mary Street in Dublin, took to Facebook to issue the apology following complaints from parents and said the material was sent without their consent or prior knowledge.

“It has been reported to us that our catalogue distribution company have been distributing other material not suitable for children along with our catalogue. This has happened without our consent or prior knowledge. We apologise for any upset caused. PLEASE, PLEASE check the catalogue for any inserts not suitable before handing it to your child,” read the statement.

Leaflet Company Ireland, tasked with delivering the toy catalogue, said it is “unsure how the leaflets ended up inside the Banba Toymaster catalogue”. “We are contracted to deliver millions of leaflets for a range of different companies and politicians across Ireland.We have no allegiance to any side of the referendum campaign and are delivering leaflets for both sides of this debate.”