Does your child attend a creche in Ireland? Tell us your story

RTÉ programme reveals pattern of disturbing behaviour and practices

An undercover reporter for RTÉ Investigates, working at Hyde & Seek creche on Shaw St, Dublin, finds a distressed child left alone in a closed room for misbehaving. Video: RTÉ


We are looking for parents to share their experiences of Irish creches in the wake of the undercover investigation aired on RTÉ on Wednesday night.

The RTÉ Investigates programme revealed a pattern of disturbing behaviour and practices in a chain of Dublin creches, Hyde & Seek, including fire-safety breaches and rough handling of children.

Does your child attend a creche - share your story

The investigation was carried out by RTÉ Investigates into Hyde & Seek, a multimillion euro company that runs four creches in Dublin with a fifth opening shortly.

Do your children attend creche? Do you have a concern about their treatment or have a story you would like to share? We will use your answers to drive further coverage and will publish a selection of responses. (If you are reading this on the Irish Times app, you can access the form here)