A glance at the week that was

Garda glory

In a week when the Garda had some glory thanks to their foiling of a raid on a Galway businessman’s family, there was the rather more amusing story of the serial traffic offenderfrom Poland, Prawo Jazdy.

It transpires that by June 2007 he had 50 traffic offences. Except that Prawo Jazdyis the Polish for “driving licence”. A memo was sent out to gardai warning them not to make the mistake of reading this as a real name. Prawo Jazdy’s crime spree has since come to an end.

A cruel cut

It seemed like a case straight from the 1970s, but the Equality Authorityawarded €3,500 to a young man who was asked by his school if he “wanted to be a girl” because his hair was too long. David Knott of Dunmore Community School in Co Galway had been suspended in 2004, his Leaving Cert year, during the hirsute dispute. He agreed to cut his hair to collar length, but when he turned up at school a barber had been brought into judge if it was short enough. It wasn’t. €3,000 of the award was compensation for him having to move school.

We now know

  • Single menare less likely to go for a walk than those who are in relationships, according to an ESRI report
  • There are more gym membersin Ireland than GAA members, says the same report
  • Bord Gais and Airtricity are taking on ESB in the domestic eletricity market


17,000The number of extra US troops Barack Obama is sending to Afghanistan

5,000The number of supporters who watched Chelsea train on Tuesday

4,179The number of days that were lost to industrial disputes in 2008