Over 90 fines for unremoved election posters issued in Dublin

Local authorities charged €150 fee per item for failure to take material from lamp posts

Dublin local authorities have issued more than 90 fines to political candidates who did not remove posters on time after the local and European elections which took place on Friday, May 23rd.

The fee for failing to take down election materials within a week, by the midnight deadline on Friday, May 30th, was €150 per poster.

Almost all political parties and some Independents had posters up across Dublin city after the deadline had passed.

South Dublin County Council issued 43 fines in relation to posters for the local and European elections which were still in place after the deadline for removal.


Fingal County Council litter wardens issued “approximately” 30 fines for breach of the Litter Pollution Acts for election posters which were still up more than seven days after the elections.

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council issued 17 fines under the Litter Pollution Acts for election posters left up after the allowed date.

Dublin City Council did not reveal a figure but said “enforcement activity in relation to this year’s election will be reported to the Elected Members in due course”.

The local authorities are responsible for issuing the fines and candidates are informed about their responsibilities in advance.

A spokeswoman for South Dublin County Council said that prior to the elections a letter was sent to all candidates outlining their responsibilities with regard to election posters. An email was also sent to each political party, she added.

A spokeswoman for Fingal County Council said the fines were issued by litter wardens “as part of their routine patrols and also in response to complaints received”.

She said details of the candidates or parties that received fines would not be made available “for data protection reasons”.

A spokeswoman for Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council also said the names of the candidates fines were issued to was not being released “under data protection”.

A Dublin City Council spokesman said the council did not give details on individual fines or streets. However, he said approximately 360 fines were issued after the last General Election.

Separately, South Dublin County Council previously confirmed it had issued fines to three parties and/or candidates for erecting posters before the date on which it was allowed under law , April 23rd.

Mary Minihan

Mary Minihan

Mary Minihan is Features Editor of The Irish Times