Britain and EU agree terms of reference and timetable for Brexit talks

More time spent on Ireland in Monday’s talks than any other subject - David Davis

Speaking as Brexit negotiations get underway, Britain's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, has said that he thinks any deal can bring 'profit and honour for both sides.' Video: EU Council


The chief Brexit negotiators of Britain and the European Union have agreed terms of reference and a timetable for talks on the UK’s exit from the bloc.

They agreed on Monday that talks until October should focus on citizens rights, a financial settlement and other separation issues, with a separate dialogue on Northern Ireland.

A terms-of-reference document agreed by the EU’s Michel Barnier and Britain’s Brexit Minister David Davis said further talks would be held in the weeks starting on July 17, August 28, September 18 and October 9.

The working language of the negotiations will be English and French, with interpretations provided by the European Commission. Both sides want transparency to be the default.

The mood was “incredibly positive” on the first day of Brexit talks between both sides, a British source said. “I think it was recognition by all sides that the clock is ticking and we do really need to push on with this now and start to make positive strides towards getting a deal that is in both sides’ interests.”

Mr Barnier said they must ensure Brexit proceeds in an orderly manner. He also said the protection of the Belfast Agreement and maintaining the common travel area were the most important of the Irish Brexit issues.

Mr Davis said there was more time spent on Ireland in Monday’s talks than any other subject.

He added they were determined to deliver certainty to expats as soon as possible.

- Reuters