Holy cow: Finally, here’s a five-in-a-row Kerry people can appreciate

Bull calf quintuplets born in Kerry in one-in-11-million event

Five bull calves have been born in what is said to be a one-in-11-million event.

The calves were born on Patrick Howard’s farm in Bawnagleanna, Currow, Co Kerry on Saturday August 31st.

Sadly, one of the calves born to his charolais heifer Molly died at birth but the surviving four calves have been described as healthy.

They have attracted plenty of attention from neighbours, who have been calling in in their droves to see the new additions.


Mr Howard told Radio Kerry that twin calves have been born on his farm before but he never expected to see quintuplets.

He said he will call the calves after members of the Kerry football team who drew with Dublin in the All-Ireland final on Sunday.

“The Kerry team played very well so it’s hard to decide. We will have to pull the names out of a hat,” he said.