No ‘plan B’ if Nice rejected again - Danish minister


There is no "plan B" for the EU if the Republic votes against the Nice Treaty, the Danish Foreign Minister Mr Per Stig Moller said today.

Launching Denmark’s EU presidency, Mr Mollor presented the Danish priorities for the EU in the next six months which included the completion of enlargement negotiations by the end of the year.

Another Irish "No" technically blocks the final stages of plans to expand the EU from 15 to 25 nations in 2004. Danish Prime Minister Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen has already warned it will be a "political disaster" if the Irish reject the proposals.

But Mr Moller said the Danes were continuing work on the basis that the Irish government will persuade the electorate that it is not in Irish or EU interests to cause a major upset in the development of Europe.

He also said the EU was preparing a new peace plan for the Middle East, it was announced today.

He also said he would be tabling a fresh peace initiative after talks next week with US Secretary of State Mr Colin Powell. The two are due to meet aboard a ship in New York on Wednesday.

Mr Moller will then prepare plans to present to EU foreign ministers at talks in Brussels on July 22nd. But he refused to disclose any details about what kind of role the EU could play.

Mr Moller said: "I think it is important that the peace process continues and that there is no gap as far as the international community is concerned . . . The European Union has a good record in helping elections."