The best and the worst from 10 years of Youtube

It's the home of useful information, spoof videos, cute animals and inexplicable nonsense

It’s hard to believe that Youtube only turns 10 on Thursday.

It's become a ubiquitous tool and source of entertainment that repeatedly fills up brief minutes of our everyday. Whether it is an online tutorial on how to poach an egg, a clever piece of branding, a clip of a dog dancing the samba, or the latest footage from a protest in Egypt, Youtube has revolutionised advertising, news reporting, entertainment, and even the notion of fame.

Here are some of the best international and Irish videos as Youtube turns ten.

"Charlie bit my finger," is one of Youtube's early viral videos, now with 816 million views, with no small thanks to the incredibly cute way Charlie's brother finds out that Charlie biting his finger is painful, and the fact that he can't pronounce his r's.

With more than 128 million views for this video, "David after the dentist" was an instant hit. For who could not relate to 7-year-old David DeVore's feelings as the dentist's medication wore off - "Is this real life?"

5 high-stakes seconds set to a dramatic score. "Dramatic chipmunk" is an internet darling with more than 43 million hits.

Moments after being shamed on Britain's Got Talent, Tesco employee Susan Boyle hit a high-note and shut the haters up for good. The video went viral and she subsequently sold 3 million copies of her first album.

While on a singing theme, who could forgot our home-grown talent in the form of our very own singing priest, Father Ray Kelly.

A phenomenon that exemplifies the power of Youtube, the Harlem Shake started a spate of copycat videos. What is there to say - one second they are sitting, the next they are wearing things on their heads and dancing insanely.

The Rubberbandits are perhaps our most dexterous homegrown Youtube talent we have in Ireland. In 2011 they went from small-time Limerick pranksters to big-time Limerick pranksters with the absurd and brilliant video, Horse Outside.

Then there's Stains, the cupcake-loving dog who was on a show called "It's me or the dog". So longingly does he stare at those cupcakes, that he's becoming a meme.

We seemed to hit peak twerking some time in 2014, when a young woman filmed herself against a door catching fire as upside-down twerked against her bedroom door. It later emerged this had been a "set-up" or fake video, created on purpose to go viral by TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel's show.

The best way to present this cross-genre parody of 1980s sitcoms is to say, "Look at this, it's weird." But the 11 minute absurdist video caused a sensation when it first appeared in October 2014.

And finally, goats join Taylor Swift in song. What could be sweeter?