Flow of Ukrainian refugees picks up after decline over Easter, Cabinet hears

Total number of arrivals 30,343 with of 21,277 having seeking State accommodation

The flow of refugees from Ukraine has picked up again after a decline over the Easter period, Cabinet has been told.

A Government spokesman said on Tuesday evening that the total number of arrivals into the country was now 30,343 with a total of 21,277 having sought accommodation from the State. The vast majority have been accommodated in hotels, but in more recent weeks, emergency and group accommodation has been used.

It is now expected that between 31,000 and 33,000 people will have sought accommodation in the State by the end of June. Serviced and emergency accommodation is currently at 80 per cent capacity, and the Government estimates that while there will be no shortage of accommodation at the end of next month, all types of housing will be nearing capacity.

Numbers arriving into the country fell significantly over the Easter holidays, when increased numbers were travelling into the State would have driven up the cost of the remaining seats on busier planes.

However, Cabinet was told that with the Easter rush now subsiding, the number is beginning to climb again, peaking in the last week at 421 arrivals on May 11th. The seven day average of arrivals into Ireland on May 15th was 259, which is an increase from last week's figure of 229 per day. Over 900 people have been placed in 313 pledged properties nationwide.

The lowest figure for arrivals came on May 13th, when 90 people came in.


There are now 18,000 people being accommodated through state provided accommodation and pledges, the Cabinet was told, while 31,000 people have been given PPS numbers.

Child benefit is being paid in respect of 10,242 children – while Revenue records show that as of May 9th, 1,994 individuals have an active employment under the temporary protection directive – overriding EU rules that govern the conditions under which people fleeing the Ukraine war can stay in the country.

They are employed by 1,025 employers across a wide range of employment types. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 children have been enrolled in primary schools and 1,900 enrolled in second level schools.

Medical cards have been issued to 16,100 individuals arriving under the temporary protection directive.

Elsewhere, the Government approved a six month extension to rules that permit alcohol sales in temporary outdoor areas. The law had been due to lapse on May 31st, but Minister for Justice Helen McEntee sought Cabinet approval for a six-month extension to the end of November this year.