Husband highlighted 'barbaric laws'


London:Evening commuters in London last night were brought face-to-face with Ireland’s abortion laws just yards from Buckingham Palace.

Standing outside the Irish Embassy protesting about Ireland’s abortion laws, Kate Smurthwaite thought about the people who were not there.

“This is the first abortion rights protest that I have been to where I have not seen anti-choice campaigners screaming at me, praying, or singing religious songs,” she told a 100-strong demonstration.

“It is fascinating how people who two days ago would have screamed ‘Murder’ now don’t want to face the music when their own actions have led to the death of a young woman,” she said.

Dubliner Marian Larragy said women now demanded that the Government legislate to protect them, rather than saying that the law does not need to be changed.

Anne Quesney of the Abortion Services Network praised Savita Halappanavar’s husband and family for throwing light on “Ireland’s barbaric laws”.

Twelve women make the journey every day to Britain from Ireland for abortions, often getting advice and aid from her organisation before they travel, she said. “They travel in secrecy and shame, facing a huge emotional and financial cost for procedures that they should have at home.”