Homeowners to calculate value on property tax site

Website will allow homeowners to calculate how much they will have to pay

The Revenue Commissioners' new property values website went live this afternoon.

It will allow homeowners to calcultate how much they will have to pay in property tax.

This year property owners are being asked to pay for just half a year, from July 1st. However this effectively means whatever is paid this year, will double in 2014.

On the new website property owners are invited to check the price of property in their area, based on a Revenue estimate.

The Revenue has looked at a range of sources including the Central Statistics Offices property price register which records sales prices, the Post Office data base of addresses and stamp duty payments.

But the Revenue said valuations on its website are for guidance only and property owners who believe their estimate is wrong will be able to appeal.

The website divides the country into electoral districts of between 500 and 1,000 houses. There are some 3,000 districts across the State.