Covid-19: How did Ireland fall from grace to its current 'worst-in-world' statistics?

We had more stringent restrictions, for longer, than most other places in Europe, so what’s going wrong?

A record surge in Covid-19 cases in Ireland was due to increased social mixing over Christmas and was not caused by a new variant from Britain, Dr Mike Ryan of the World Health Organisation has said.

The speed of Ireland’s fall from grace in terms of Covid-19 statistics is astonishing and perplexing. From having the lowest incidence in Europe at the end of November, we now appear to rank worst in the world by international measures of the disease.

Even by the more formal official figures produced by chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan at the National Public Health Emergency Team briefing this week, it is clear the change in Ireland’s fortunes has been massive and unparalleled among our neighbours.

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