Seriously cute: Bull elephant calf born at Dublin Zoo

Baby boy weighs as much as an adult human; public asked to name the new mammal

Dublin Zoo have introduced their newest arrival, a baby Asian elephant to the public. The male calf which is yet to be named was born to mother Yasmin on Thursday after a 22 month gestation. Video: Bryan O'Brien


Dublin Zoo has welcomed the arrival of a new baby elephant, and the public will be invited to help name the bull calf over the coming weeks.

The healthy Asian elephant calf was born last Thursday morning after a 22 month gestation period. The calf is over a metre tall and weighs as much as an adult human. He will join the rest of the herd, including mum Yasmin and dad Upali, in the Kaziranga Forest Trail at the zoo.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the new arrival. The calf was born within three minutes and after eight minutes he was up and taking his first steps, watched closely by his mum Yasmin and the rest of the females in the herd,”the zoo’s assistant director Paul O’Donoghue said.

Mr O’Donoghue said the calf and his mother are bonding well. The birth is significant because it “will play an important role in the conservation of Asian elephants”.

Dublin Zoo and The Natural Confectionary Company will run a competition to name the new arrival. Entries should be inspired by the elephant’s Indian origin and will be accepted through the company’s Facebook page. The winning family will be invited to Dublin Zoo for a naming event.

The public can keep an eye on the herd via the elephant webcam at