Halloween sees over 50 callouts for Dublin Fire Brigade

Firefighters have already responded to bonfires, car fires and a playground fire

Dublin Fire Brigade has responded to more than 50 fire-related incidents this Halloween.

Traditionally one of the busiest days of the year for fire brigades across the country, fire officers have dealt with numerous bonfires and domestic fires since Tuesday morning.

For the first time, Dublin Fire Brigade has a live interactive map tracking all Halloween-related incidents reported to 999 today.

The map shows that among the many incidents Dublin Fire Brigade responded to were car fires in Ballymun and Coolock and a fire at a playground in Baldoyle.


Other incidents included bonfires, park fires and pallet fires in north and south Dublin.

Illegal activity

Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten has reminded the public that bonfires are illegal under waste legislation.

The law states that it is an offence to dispose of waste by uncontrolled or unregulated burning.

He appealed to the public to think about the consequences of starting bonfires.

“The burning of tyres particularly has detrimental health and environmental effects, not just for those standing close to these fires but for the wider community as fumes travel and for the emergency services personnel that will have to respond,” he said.

“The fumes that are released from a burning tyre contain hundreds of different highly toxic, lifethreatening chemicals and pollutants. Children and older people are especially at risk of damage as particles settle deep inside the lungs.

“I am appealing to the public to report any stockpiles of materials and to refrain from starting and attending illegal bonfires tonight.”