Atlantic depression set to bring high winds and rain to Ireland

Met Eireann has issued a weather advisory for Tuesday and Wednesday

 Waves crash over Clontarf’s sea wall during storm in 2020. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill /

Waves crash over Clontarf’s sea wall during storm in 2020. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill /


Ireland’s weather looks set to mirror the mood of the nation early next week with a deepening depression set to wash over the country.

Met Eirean has issued a weather advisory and it said warnings will likely be issued on Sunday.

An Atlantic storm depression will bring windy and wet weather to Ireland on Tuesday and Wednesday after developing in the mid-Atlantic on Monday before rapidly deepening as it tracks north-eastwards and approaches the Irish coast.

The associated winds will most likely reach Ireland on Monday night although the exact track and timing of the depression remains unclear, according to Met Eireann as there have been small differences between differing model runs in recent hours. While the exact location and timing of the strongest gusts is uncertain, Atlantic coastal counties will likely experience the strongest winds during Tuesday.

The depression will likely move slowly eastwards over or near Ireland overnight Tuesday and during Wednesday as it starts to fill and weaken. It will likely track eastwards away from Ireland overnight Wednesday and pull in a cold polar air mass in its wake.

Gales across much of Ireland during Tuesday are anticipated with damaging gusts likely in some areas, and gales or strong gales developing in most sea areas, with storm force winds possible for a time at times on Tuesday.

It is predicted that strengthening winds will be accompanied by a spell of heavy rain on Tuesday, followed by heavy showers.

Showers will continue overnight Tuesday and through Wednesday. With colder air wrapping around the depression centre and pulled over Ireland on Wednesday, there is potential for some of the showers to fall as sleet, or snow on high ground.