Weather conditions to ease early this week with milder temperatures forecast

Chill set to return on Wednesday with sleet possible, Met Éireann says

After a freezing, blustery weekend, weather conditions across the country look to be easing off from Monday.

Far from the storms and sleet showers that crossed the country in recent days, Met Éireann said temperatures should level out between eight and 11 degrees in line with the seasonal norm.

While there will be something of a cloudy morning, interspersed with patches of light rain, the beginning of the week will also give way to dry conditions and even a bit of sunshine in parts, notably the south. The rain will later be confined to the west and northwest of the country.

“Tonight will be a milder night than of recent with cloudy or misty conditions,” forecasters said of a welcome break in the recent patterns.


Rain and drizzle will again dog Atlantic coastal areas into Monday night but temperatures will remain non-threatening, hovering between seven and nine degrees.

Relative calm will continue into Tuesday, framed by mainly dry weather under cloudy, dull skies. However, Met Éireann has predicted some heavy rain in the west and northwest by about midday, spreading southeastwards through the afternoon.

Wednesday is likely to feel a touch more wintery. Showers coming in from the north will possibly turn to sleet, although winds will be moderate. A cold night, frost will begin to form under long, clear spells and temperatures could once again dip down below freezing, although not quite so cold along the western coast.

But for anyone who feels the country is due better conditions next weekend, do not hold out hope. Friday will see scattered showers, mixed in with sunny spells.

Things look set to get chilly on Friday afternoon and, according to forecasters, current indications show the weekend will continue “unsettled in a showery northwesterly airflow, feeling quite chilly or cold”.

Mark Hilliard

Mark Hilliard

Mark Hilliard is a reporter with The Irish Times