‘This has really helped me believe in myself’

Further Education profile: Brógan O’Sullivan

What course did you study and where?

I did Applied Social Studies for a year at Kerry College of Further Education.

Why did you choose a Further Education course?

I dropped out of school the Christmas of sixth year. I was struggling and had fallen behind in my studies. I decided to leave. People told me I was going nowhere and I felt bad. But my family was strong and supportive and my mum suggested a PLC. She had left school early too and then studied a PLC and now has her masters in psychotherapy. She told me PLC was a backdoor to college.


What has been the highlight for you?

This has really helped me believe in myself. I struggled at secondary school and found it so academic focused and I found the stress very difficult. I felt supported with this and though the assignments were really tough I made good friends and we helped each other. My mum and dad were very supportive. I had been made think I was stupid but I realise I am not and I have total belief in myself.

What did you find challenging?

I had been out of school two years so getting back into writing and learning took some time. There were a lot of assignments during the year. As I realised I was managing it got easier.

What would you advise someone thinking of a Further Education course?

I would definitely say to do it. My mum has shown that you can go on from this and get a Masters. Don't lose hope because there is a back door. It seems that the only system in Ireland is the Leaving Cert but that is not true this is another way in to a degree and it is a totally different environment. The teachers are great.

What is the next step for you?

I have applied to do Social Studies in IT Tralee and I hope I will get that course in August. I got seven distinctions and two merits in my course so I am hopeful. I have always had an interest in social issues. I won Miss Kerry in June and I'm using that to promote mental health issues in children and self belief. I am looking forward to learning and asking questions over the next few years.