#Gaeilge24: Over 30,000 students take part in Irish speaking challenge

Primary and secondary schools across Ireland join 24-hour Irish speaking challenge


Over 30,000 schoolchildren are participating in the annual #Gaeilge24 challenge today.

The goal of the Conradh na Gaeilge-organised initiative is to encourage young people to speak Irish for 24 hours at home, in school and during other social interactions whether at the shops, with local businesses, friends, and in their local sports clubs.

“A positive attitude towards the language is encouraged in young people in a fun and relevant way through Gaeilge24”, said Dr Niall Comer, president of Conradh na Gaeilge.

“They are given the opportunity to have a positive experience and to promote the Irish language in their own lives,” he added.

Students attending English and Irish medium primary and secondary schools in 30 counties will each receive a certificate for taking part in the challenge which is now in its seventh year.

Students raise money to pay for the support packs that they receive on the day, and this year profits will go to environmental charity ‘Friends of the Earth’.

Gearóid Ó Drisceoil, a teacher at St. Fintan’s High School in Sutton said “Gaeilge24 is one of the main events of the semester here in the school. It is a great idea that gives students the opportunity to do something different and fun with the language. This year, we will be organising a treasure hunt through Irish around Dublin City.”