Meath pet incinerator opposed over claim of health concerns

Woman objects to her brother’s plans for animal crematorium with asthma fears for her daughter

Pet crematorium: plans for a pet disposal unit in Meath are meeting with objections.

Pet crematorium: plans for a pet disposal unit in Meath are meeting with objections.


A Co Meath mother has expressed health fears for her asthmatic daughter arising from her own brother’s plans to build a pet incinerator close to their family home.

In an impassioned plea to An Bord Pleanála, Lorna Bracken-Codd has urged the board to refuse planning permission to her brother, John Bracken’s planned pet crematorium due to her health concerns for her children.

The sister and brother are at loggerheads over Mr Bracken’s planned pet crematorium for Bryanstown, Co Meath, that last month received planning permission from Meath County Council.

However, the proposal is now on hold after the Bracken-Codds lodged an appeal with An Bord Pleanála fuelled by health concerns.

Two other appeals have been lodged by stud farm operators who have expressed fears over the impact of the incinerator on their business.

However, consultant for Mr Bracken, Declan Clabby told the council that “in general, this business will have little impact on the environment by virtue of its highly efficient incinerator which will avoid noise, dust and odours. . . All ashes will be packaged in urns or special containers to be returned to the owner.”

Mr Clabby said the business – which will incinerate an estimated five pets a week – will operate under licence from the Department of Agriculture.

Health fears

Mr Bracken dismissed health fears.

He said: “I live in the family farmhouse immediately adjacent to where the pet cremation unit will be installed and I would not be installing same if I thought there would be any risk of harmful emissions, injury or damage to my water supply or. . . my children’s health”.

In her appeal, Ms Bracken-Codd has told An Bord Pleanála that arising from “serious concerns” over the plan, “I trust you will place the value of family and health above and beyond all monetary considerations.”