Anti-fur organisation releases footage of mink slaughtering


Respect for Animals, an international anti-fur organisation based in Britain, today released new footage showing mink being slaughtered for their fur in Donegal.

The film was shown at a press conference today attended by Green Party TD Dan Boyle and Labour Party TD Mary Upton, both of whom campaigned earlier this year for a ban on fur farming in Ireland. The Bill was defeated in March.

According to the organisation, the film raises serious questions about the method being used to kill the mink and the monitoring of fur farms at the time of slaughter.

Taken in November, the film shows rows of wire mesh cages holding hundreds of mink; a twenty-three minute sequence shows animals being put into a 'killing box', a box designed to gas the animals, a common method of killing mink, used by many mink farmers.

During the debate on a Private Members Bill to ban fur farming, in March this year, the Department of Agriculture confirmed that all farms issued with permits complied with the relevant European and national legislation. Gassing, by both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, is allowed under the legislation as long as regulations are met.

Dr Mary Upton called for the abolition of fur farming in Ireland at the earliest possible opportunity.