What’s hot this week: Rainbow jackets and Graham Norton prosecco

What’s not: Google’s terrifying amount of data on you and Christina Aguilera’s new look

What’s Hot

Irish podcast explosion
Irish podcasts are having a moment, get on to the iTunes chart and start listening.

Wild Wild Country
The bonkers and brilliant documentary on Netflix everyone is talking about.

Graham Norton prosecco
The natural progression for his popular wine range.

Problem pages
Reliving our teenage mag years with a new generation of online agony aunts and uncles.


Keepers of the Flame
A new documentary from Nuala O'Connor of the consequences of the Irish Civil War.

Stutterheim's rainbow rain jacket
Cheers you up in the drizzle.

The new Le Galaxie album.

What’s Not

Google's data on you
People are waking up to the terrifying amount of information Google stores about them.

Derelict buildings
Enraging when so much housing is needed.

Too much tie-dye
Some trends are best left in the past.

Chocolate coma
Excessive gimmicky treats in shops and cafes give us toothache.

Christina Aguilera's new look
New image = grand. Unrecognisable = disconcerting.

Social media stress
At times, everything can be just very heightened and addling. Step away.

Plastic straws 
Bid farewell to pointless plastic.